Importation on Behalf Process

Importation on behalf of clients is a service provided by VOZILO MOTORS NAIROBI. We import cars on behalf helping clients get quality and save a great deal upto 20%. We are based in Kilimani Nairobi Kenya Along Ralph Bunche Road just few metres from Nairobi Hospital. We are reputable genuine car dealership in Kenya and we are licensed under laws of Kenya. We are the best Kenyan Car Importers. We deal with Cars for sale in Nairobi

Choose your Dream car

We have a wide choice from a wide collection of ready for import cars carefully selected from our international suppliers in Japan, Singapore, Thailand & the UK. Choose your preferred dream car.

Invoice inquiry

To get an invoice, get in touch with our sales team on 0723 75 75 75 or visit us at our offices (Vozilo Motors Ltd) in Nairobi along Ralph Bunche Road for further information. You can also write to


Place your order through us, pay the CIF amount via bank transfer and sit back as we ship your vehicle to Kenya. About 2 weeks before the car arrives at port of Mombasa we will notify you to pay the balance to facilitate clearing and forwading.

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